Une interview pour le site américain : planet awesome kids

Le Vestiaire De Jeanne is by far one of the chicest brands in the world!
We have been fans for a long time, and we had the honor to ask Founder Charlotte Le Stum a few questions. She is as amazing as her line!
Here is our interview! You can FEEL the chicness in every word!
1) Tell us about yourself. What made you want to design children’s clothing? How did you start? What is your history?

i’m charlotte le stum, 23 years old, fashion designer of “le vestiaire de jeanne”.
I always loved fashion. Since I’am very young, i choose my clothes and i know exactely what i want to wear.
after school i wanted to work in fashion but didn’t know what to do because i didn’t know sew or draw.
so i began medecine school to have a “real job”.
but, in the same time, my mum and i searched clothes for my little sister jeanne who was six.
at this time, it was very difficult to find simple and original clothes for kids. almost everything was pink for girls, very girly, …
i decided to create some clothes for jeanne, very simple in linen, often in black. like the clothes my mother and i was wearing.
i put some pictures of jeanne with the clothes on my webblog and some readers ask me to order, then two shops in sweden and california.
Because of this success i decided to try to create my own label.
“Le vestiaire de jeanne” was born.
2) le vestiaire de jeanne? What does this name mean? How did you come up with it?

“le vestiaire de jeanne” is the cloakroom of jeanne in english.
i called the brand like that because i wanted to create all the essentials clothes for jeanne, everything she needs : 1 skirt, 1 pants, 2 or 3 tops, 1 dress, 1 jacket, 1 coat.
and you can see on the blog jeanne is wearing vdj clothes everyday (with some other brands i sale on my shop online like bodebo, album di famiglia, tuss, …).
the clothes i create are imagine for jeanne. she likes them and wear them all the time.
3) le vestiaire de jeanne is one of THE chicest brands we have ever seen! What is your inspiration? What is your aesthetic and what is your vision?

my inspiration is everywhere, it can be :
- the work of a stylist like yohji yamamoto, rei kawakubo (“comme des garçons”), martin margiela, …
- old photographies of people, their clothes looks very simple and the right thing to wear. there is nothing in addition, nothing unnecessary . those clothes doesn’t represent fashion but they represent the life of the poeple who wear them (i hope you understand what i mean, it’s very difficult for me to write this feeling in english)
- people in the street : some people have a real look, a way of wearing clothes very personal and different. That help me to see the clothes in a different way
- it can be movies, exhibitions, music, travel, ….
i just like when the clothes have volume and are as much as simple as they can.
I don’t like additionnal details, …
And I don’t like colors. it’s just because i think the volume and the “silhouette” of clothes are the most important. So, we don’t need color.
4) tell us please what inspires you beyond fashion? Art? Music? photography? food? etc?

I like to travel and dicover new things, new place, new way of life.
i think it’s very important to always search new and different things in music, cinema, art, …
I think everything is linked (I’m not sure of that word). It’s a way to keep your mind open.
5) Where do you live and design? how does this affect your style and vision?

I live in south of france and my “atelier” is at home.
i’m not sure this affect my style but it’s very easy and comfortable to work at home because i’m with my family, they can help me, give me theyr opinion, …
They are important in my work.
For exemple, jeanne give always her opinion about the fabrics, the theme of the collection and the clothes, … She tells me what kind of clothes she prefer for the next collection, if something is wrong or she dosen’t like…
6) name your top 5 favorite places in the world?

I like to be at home, in south of france for the calm
I love paris for shopping
i love new york for walking in south manhattan and the moma
i love bricklane, in london because it’s the coolest place i ever seen
and i would love to go to japan
7) what is the future for your brand? what is your ultimate goal?

Since 3 seasons, I create a woman collection “le vestiaire de clé”.
I would like to create a man collection, and develop the shops all over the world.

8) in this economy, how does a parent still dress their children well?

I think we don’t necessary need a lot of money to dress childrens (or adults).
We just have to find the right cut, the right color.
(for exemple : the h&m boys jeans are perfects, the tee shirts from Petit Bateau are very good in look and quality).
We don’t have to buy a lot of things. I prefer to buy only two perfect pants that jeanne will wear everytime instead of 4 or 5 pants that she dosen’t really need and she’ll not wear.

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Nouschine a dit…

Waouw, Bravo Charlotte! Et c'est tellement mérité vraiment...Tout à fait d'accord avec les jeans boys et ptit Bateau et le fait qu'il faille peu, je partage cet état d'esprit. Encore désolée du chahut de mes garçons à votre stand à Paris, on a pas eu le temps de discuter.
Je vous souhaite le voyage au Japon et tout le succès qui va avec. A bientôt Nouschine

maki a dit…

Your interview is so inspirational. I totally agree with you. you say the most important thing for clothes is 'the volume and the silhouette' that has to be as simple as possible.. absolutely.

Yoli a dit…

It was a wonderful interview.

Charlotte a dit…

J'ai découvert votre marque je ne sais plus trop comment, en me baladant de blogs en blogs. C'est une très belle réussite. Je souhaiterais également un jour ou l'autre pouvoir vendre mes créations. Votre histoire m'inspire beaucoup. Bonne chance pour tous vos futurs projets.

Helena a dit…

Hi, Greetings from Finland. I love your clothes, I`ve been waching those so many times, again and again. Thanks also for the english language interview.

Yanyan a dit…

What a great interview, and glad I could understand this time because of the language. I am very amazed that you are so young yet so talented. your work for sure has been an inspiration to me. It is so incredibly chic!

The new collection is so wonderfull. I could see myself wear every piece of them.


HA a dit…

Bravo pour l'interview & la nouvelle collection : c'est plus que mérité ! à bientôt, Haude

Roxana a dit…

Congratulations! from Miami, Florida.

Lor a dit…

Pour moi cette interview offre l'occasion de mieux comprendre la philosophie VDJ... Et c'est la bonne : pas trop de vêtements qui encombrent les armoires, mais des basiques utiles et confortables !

Eloisa a dit…

Thank you for sharing this interview.
Been such a big fan of your clothes, yours and your sister's styles!

180360 a dit…

I had no idea you were so young! And here I thought you were Jeanne's mother. :) I think your work is incredible. I just wish it came in my size! Brava. You are going to go very far.